Signs of Nerve Pressure on the Brain Stem

16 Warnings Signs of Brain Stem Nerve Pressure

  1. Skeletal UC target-Optimized.jpgYou feel you have to crack your neck and joints often.
  2. The heels on your shoes wear out unevenly.
  3. You have poor concentration.
  4. You feel tired and fatigued all the time even after adequate sleep.
  5. You have a low resistance to sickness /disease.
  6. One leg appears shorter than the other.
  7. You have poor posture.
  8. You get frequent headaches, backaches, sore spots and tender points in your muscles.  History of migraines.
  9. You always feel stressed and tense.
  10. You have stiffness in your neck and back.
  11. You can't turn your head or twist your hips equally to both sides.
  12. LOW-BACK-PAIN-Optimized.jpgYou have poor general health and often times just don't feel right.
  13. Your jaw clicks.
  14. You can't take a full deep breath.
  15. Your chiropractic adjustment has only been giving you short term relief.
  16. You do not sleep well.

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