What Our Patients Say


"I used to get headaches. Bad ones. Not my everyday ones, but the occasional once a week ones would hit me very hard. I always had headaches, even as a kid. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical of this Upper Cervical stuff, but, my friend said it helped him where nothing else had. Even his indigestion went away. Dr. Taulman found a place in my neck that was causing me to be something and someone I wasn't supposed to be. I was miserable and now I can't believe how good I feel and can't remember the last headache I've had."
G.C., Mt. Holly, NC

"I never knew so many things were connected with my spine, especially at the top. My mother-in-law told me about Dr. Taulman and how he was a different chiropractor. I had seen a chiropractor here for years for my back and shoulder trouble and got some relief. After having taken the advice and going to GUCC I'm a believer in upper cervical chiropractic. I don't get any more shoulder pain at all, my neck and back feel good, but what I am experiencing now is the best sleep in years. Didn't bargain for that but I truly am sure enjoying it. 
Thank you."
R.W., Gastonia, NC"

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 11 years ago. Nothing in the way of treatment or medicine has helped me much that I can tell. I started Upper Cervical care with Dr. Taulman just over a year ago. He doesn't twist me or "pop" me. He just bumps it a little and then I rest a bit. Right away I began to improve. I am so much better even now. I was headed for a wheelchair full time. Now, I don't always even need a cane to walk and my speech has improved too. I am so grateful. 
Thank you."
M.R.,Hendersonville, NC

"My lower back has bothered me for years to the point of missing work 3 or 4 times a year for a week or so, and I was getting worse. But it always had bothered me. I wasn't going to go see Dr. Taulman because I thought he only dealt with the top of your neck, like he did with my wife. But I went and what a difference it has made in my life. No more lower back pain and I believe I can even start playing golf again without it bothering me. I hate to think where I'd be in five years had I not gone and had him look at me. I'm feeling younger than I did last year."
R.H., Dallas, NC

"My 5 year old daughter hurt her head and neck while playing. She began to have grand mal seizures almost daily and several petit mal seizures everyday for two years. I heard Dr. Taulman speak to a group about how pressure around the brain stem can causes problems much like Kristen had experienced for about two years. Medication was not helping her. We took her in to see Dr. Taulman and they tested her and x-rayed her. She had a large misalignment at the top of her neck placing pressure on her brain stem. She started care and has NOT HAD ONE SEIZURE since. It seems almost amazing. My daughter and our family are normal again. 
Thank you so much."
D.S., Redding, CA

"I was getting really sick and was scared. My whole body hurt, I couldn't think clearly and I was taking about 15 medications on a daily basis for over two years. They told me I had fibromyalgia too. Dr. Taulman showed me where my top bone in my spine was not in the right position. He taught me how that was not letting me get well. After only three or four months of care I can honestly say that I am almost off all that medicine. I feel wonderful again, and I am walking 2 - 3 miles every other day. My friends can hardly believe it. That little bone can cause a person a lot of trouble."
K.S., Kings Mountain, NC

Check in periodically, as we update these wonderful stories of people benefitting from their care. -- GUCC